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Mailing lists can make or break your sales potential

Mailing is often the most expensive part of any project you might be working on because of postal costs & regulations. Luckily there are services that help you minimize the cost of your mailings as much as possible. These services include: co mailing, co palletization, carrier route sorting, bulk mail from one post office and even a centralized location that assists in the reduction of postal costs.

This is great and getting the lowest price possible on your mailing is important, but the most important aspect to receiving the highest ROI possible is through the mailing list itself. Many people send mailing lists and say “mail to these addresses” even though half of them are duplicated throughout the list, a lot of addresses are simply the wrong address, some addresses have extraneous, random characters not allowing them to get delivered properly and before you know it half of the mail you sent out is now sitting at your door with “return to sender” on it.

This hurts you for many reasons.

1. You’re paying to create these direct mail pieces that are not getting delivered – thus you’re wasting money

2. You’re duplicated addresses cause annoyance to your customer as your sending 2, 5, or even 8 (depending on how many times the record is duplicated) of the same mail piece

3. Because a lot of the addresses were incorrect your customers simply don’t get the mail piece and that means you’re losing out on potential sales opportunity

List processing services help verify the database integrity making sure each mail pieces gets delivered to its specified location at the lowest cost possible. Ensuring a 100% accurate database will be sure to increase your return on investment.

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