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3 ways to measure the ROI of your print marketing efforts

While many digital marketing platforms usually offer some sort of tracking system that allows you to analyze the ROI and effectiveness of all of your campaigns, there are simple ways you can track the effectiveness of your print marketing too. With a little work and planning print can be tracked with these 3 easy methods:


Have you ever considered simply asking your customers during the transaction how they found your company or chose your product? Whether you ask personally or it’s a customer service representative your customers are always willing to provide you with this kind of information. Being simple and direct. Once you get the information it should be documented. By taking note of this information you can better apply different strategies in the future.


Using a unique discount code is an easy way for you to track exactly what online sales your printed materials inspired. This can be tracked digitally or if you have a coupon code on your printed piece customers will bring them in to your location giving you another way to track your print marketing efforts.


If you had 50 sales last month, but sent a promotional postcard at the beginning of the new month and saw your sales improve to 100 transactions, this is going to be a pretty good sign that your print marketing worked. If you sent out a postcard at the beginning of the month, however, and did not see any increase in sales, you can assume your print marketing may not have been very effective.

After you track this information be sure to use it to your advantage. Exploit the channels that work well and try something different with ones that didn’t. Need help creating ways to measure your print effectiveness? Contact us!

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